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Hitler Parodies

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Hitler Parodies

Mesaj Scris de Hobbsie la data de Sam 27 Feb - 1:12

Hey everyone, what did you think of Ignite tonight? Did you enjoy the game and the movie? I'm looking forward to creating a youtube channel for our group and posting the videos we made, and other future videos as well.

By the way, please send me your new subtitle files! Perhaps next Ignite we can show one more or all of the subtitles we made tonight. Who wants to translate for me???

If you want to make your own Hitler parody, this page might help you get started: http://s1.zetaboards.com/downfallparodies/topic/2710145/1/

I can send you a subtitle file that all you have to do is change the words. It took me over three hours to set the text timings for the 4 minute clip.

I'm sooooo ready to sleep! I was up till 5:45 am yesterday, and now it's 1:12.


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Re: Hitler Parodies

Mesaj Scris de Denysa la data de Sam 27 Feb - 13:11

Yes,I enjoyed Ignite, even the movie



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