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Ce ai facut de Pasti?

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Ce ai facut de Pasti?

Mesaj Scris de orangesodajunkie la data de Mar 6 Apr - 12:39

I ate a shocking amount of food!

My celebration started on Saturday evening. At our church in Cluj, we had a joint meeting, with Romanians, Africans, and other nationalities all coming together. Every one brought food, and we had a joint meal together.

On Sunday morning, a group of 10 of us went down to Huedin. Again, the people from the church there brought food, and we stayed for an hour after the meeting talking and spending time together.

We quickly came to our apartment, changed into something comfortable, and went out to Suzie's house. She was waiting for us with some chicken cooked on the grill and veggies. Had a nice time catching up with her, since I hadn't seen her for about 7 weeks.

We thought we would be able to come home and take a nap. That wasn't going to happen! Doamna Carmen, a good friend of ours, asked us to be at her house in an hour. She was waiting for us with tons of appetizers (a sandwich cake made out of salmon and tuna was especially impressive), beef steaks, lamb, fruit salad, cookies, etc., etc.

Then of course, we went to our godson's house to bring him a present from the Easter bunny. Sorin and Aurora, his parents, were waiting for us with more food. Cabbage rolls, meat balls, ice cream, etc., etc. At this point, we felt like we were ready to pop!

On Monday, we drove out to spend time with Miha's parents. Dima and Maria went with us to help us eat - we were already so stuffed! Noodle soup, different kinds of salads, hard-boiled eggs, lamb, mashed potatoes, and lots of cookies (my mother-in-law's speciality) and more, awaited us there.

So how did you celebrate the holiday? Hristos a inviat!!!!!

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Re: Ce ai facut de Pasti?

Mesaj Scris de Ioanna la data de Vin 9 Apr - 0:04

Adevarat a inviat!

Eu nu am facut nimic, am stat in casa...


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Re: Ce ai facut de Pasti?

Mesaj Scris de Denysa la data de Sam 10 Apr - 14:05

Si eu,Ioana Laughing Inafara faptului ca am mers sambata la biserica, am stat acasa si am dormit



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Re: Ce ai facut de Pasti?

Mesaj Scris de DAMARIUS la data de Mier 12 Mai - 14:20

ce am facut de pasti,faina intrebare am fost la biserica,am avut musafiri,si am stat in casa :cheers:


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Re: Ce ai facut de Pasti?

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